Five Centuries of Classical Spanish Guitar Music

    THE GUITAR already existed in Spanish surroundings since the thirteenth century, known as "Guitarra Latino" and "Vihuela". By the end of the 1500īs the "Spanish Guitar" became the popular favorite and swept across all of Europe. Since about 1800 guitar-playing has come into fashion in a way that is without parallel in the history of musical instruments. Yet, despite the fact that during the previous two centuries there were several virtuoso players of the instrument it has not been until the twentieth century that the guitar has been acknowledged as a fully-fledged concert instrument with an enviable prestige.

    KARL WALTER gave his first public performance at age 11. Since then he has given hundreds of performances of solo recital and chamber music in Germany, the United States and Mexico. He has worked for several of the world's leading hotels and luxury cruise lines.

    With a reputation as an inspired, technically refined performer, Karl Walter is recognized by reviewers, concert-goers, and concert presenters alike as a guitarist who brings an intense, passionate commitment to his art, and who is able to emotionally connect with audiences. Karl Walter is the Cancun area's premier working professional classical guitarist. He has played the guitar for over 20 years, and his music shows the subtlety and beauty that come from a lifetime commitment to the art. He is available to play for corporate Functions, wedding ceremonies and other special events.

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